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My name is
Wilmer Alexander florez castaño I have 15 years

Born on march 05 1997 in the city of El Espinal.

In the department of Tolima, in the country of Colombia, L I'm brown color and I have wavy hair and black eyes my character in the picture I am serious and I have ears medium



Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza

My family consists my sister,father,mother,pet, my sister have 26 years

my father, my father's have 67 years

my mother, my mother's have 46 years

my pet, my pet name is timon

My pet

I have a pet and its name is

My pet is a consolidated member of the family.

My pet is 1 years old and is very playful.

My pet and I

My pet
timon is like my brother is a family member very important for all my family.

My pet and I like to play soccer.

My pet and I understand my pet and ignores me.

My friends

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This photo shows some
friends appears Gian Ramirez, Andres Avilan, Emilio Cuellar and I Wilmer Alexander Florez.

There we gathered to watch the match Milan vs Barcelona Fc.

That are my friends that I enjoy teasing.

I do what I like

like to play football and practice.

To be a big player in the soocer.

Participate in school and in local tournaments.

I want to be in the future a doctor in Cardiology

I would like to be a
doctor in Cardiology because it is a career that catches my attention.

And being able to specialize in Cardiology.

And to continue well in my future.

University of Tolima in Ibague

I would like to study at the
university of Tolima in Ibague.

My future is to go to the University of Tolima.

To study medicine and specialize in cardiology.

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